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We are Yoga1

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Yoga1 was established in October 2018.

With many plans and promises of bringing yoga to all of us, we, like everyone, went through tough times, reflections and rebirth!

The COVID pandemic certainly made us much more humble about what is essential in life, life itself.

In early 2020 we witnessed with horror what was happening in China. Somehow we were all mistaken, thinking that things would never get to our island, but it did. It did and caused much pain.

We lost loved ones, and many of us, our livelihoods, and all the sweat invested in making this world better.

It was tragic losing our yoga studio, our magical oasis. That said, we are here to rebuild and make it better.

For now, we say goodbye to a designated space. We take other places instead, but the hope of having a yoga studio of our own is still with us, and if you put your mind, sweat and tear into it, it might just well manifest.

For now, find us at Jetts Fitness Farnborough with a smaller schedule.

We thank Jetts for taking us in.


Marcio da Rosa

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