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Why we offer better training?

We are associated with a living tradition with a long line of medical Doctors and advocates of traditional Yoga. That is right! Our tradition works hard on bridging the traditional wisdom with modern research and our tradition is on the avant-garde of Yoga and how to keep it relevant and current.

Therefore, we are very confident to say that we are good. We are very good!

We offer you Foundation Training which will make you a versatile and insightful Yoga teacher.

There is no point for you just to learn to cue the warrior posture or the splits. You better do some gymnastics training then!

Yoga is about learning about yourself, the art of living and the techniques we use to get us through life, which postures is rather a small portion, though we acknowledge quite a visible one for the novices.

With our training, yes, you will be able to elaborate a slow, gentle sequence and teach it; yes, you will learn our Kriya, movement-based class (the original) and teach it; yes, you will learn about the Asana, posture-based sequence and you will teach it, and even hardcore vinyasa. You will learn it all, and you will be able to teach the ones you like and your audience wants - is not just about you, remember that!

But also you will learn about how to grow, how to be social, how to guard yourself from dukha (suffering) and find Sukha (easiness) in life. And that is the real and hard practice! Of course, you work on this in more depth in our Advanced teacher training, which is the normal progression to your seniority.

You might be surprised to learn that our lineage is publishing research which proves our techniques work, though they have to be properly learned and taught back. Just saying "do this" and not knowing why is ignorance, and ignorance is an option - like we say in our ashram. If you really want to know, then look to find that knowledge from credible sources.

We are so advanced that our tradition is now training teachers to work in the health system or privately without Therapeutic courses.

Join our courses. Be a special, insightful and versatile Yoga teacher.

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