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The cost of your health & wellbeing

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

It is always surprising for me when I get a person saying that a yoga subscription is expensive!

Recently I went for a meal. A starter, veggie burger with extra sweet potato fries, a tomato juice, a nice pudding and a nice bill of £25 plus. No alcohol, no coffee... still a sizeable bill to pay for a meal on a Wednesday.

£25 is half of my cheapest membership! in one hour I spend half of what I could have invested in my health in less than an hour! I raised my bad cholesterol, my sugar intake, felt bloated, and probably reduced my life expectancy for a whole year!

£25 would pay for an average of 3.5 hour of yoga, where I work on my physical, mental and emotional health, I give my body a self-massage helping with blood circulation, my hormone system, my O2 intake - my respiratory system, my digestion, my suppleness, my whole body detox!

Why do people still tell me that yoga is expensive when we happily pay for a fatty sugary meal and get smashed with alcohol, just to get a big headache the next day?!

It really saddens me when people cannot see the investment they are doing in their health!

Glad yoga helps me be disciplined and keep a smile on my face while I explain why yoga is so good for us - if you do the right yoga for you, of course!

Let's put it this way. if you cannot touch your toes, you need yoga. If you feel anxious, you need yoga, if you cannot breath properly, you need yoga... not a bottle of wine, burgers and chips!

Get going! Do something for yourself!

The burger was great, by the way... but after that, I stopped eating out so much! My practice improved! I'm much happier, with less blubber and with a few pennies more to save for my old age.

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