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Starting in Yoga

Most likely, you will start Yoga with some physical practice.

Possibly you will start with some sort of mindfulness practice alone, though this can be a mistake.

Yogis started to exercise because they noticed their bodies were not suited to be immobile in the same position for hours on end - just like you do when sitting at your desk or driving.

You got it now; to be able to focus, you have to make sure your body is ready for the task. Therefore, physical exercise like Yoga is the best one can do.

Now, the common mistake is for us to assume that you can hold postures for minutes (or breaths, as we use in our practices), but if you are just starting, you will have bad habits and posture problems you will not change by holding challenging postures or jumping up and down. You will make it worse!

You must build up your body and brain patterns mindfully (slowly and steadily) to ensure you get it right and enjoy your body for long.

Therefore, you should start with your exercise slowly and wisely. We will show you how.

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