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Coughs & runny noses

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Dear yogi1s,

Yep!, it's that time of the year where we try to fight the bugs.

Just been asked what to do when you get that cough where your lungs seem to come out of your mouth and you end up losing your voice with all the effort from our lungs to clear it all! Oh, Dear!

Well... as a singer, I was paranoid about losing my voice. Back then if I lost my voice it would take me weeks to be able to sing again. Lost auditions, lost work, more backed beans, toast and instant coffee and no custard cookies, a luxury! I couldn't afford the extra $0.40 for the pack!

Well, here are my magic tricks:

1. Spit it all out!

Blow your nose. Make a big sound like a trumpet! Clear your throat and keep doing it until there is nothing there. This will clear all that mucus Your body produces it to help you fight pollens, bugs particles and other things you don't want reaching your lungs. Too much of it and your body needs to clear it out. So go ahead and give it a helping nose blow. Check the mucus' colour. You want that to be clear as glass! ah!

2. Warm salt water gargle.

Stop having ice on your drinks! It's winter! warm, warm, warm!

Clear your throat at least 2 times a day (morning and bedtime). Just a teaspoon or so in your water cup. Not the dea sea in your cup.

3. lemon "tea" & honey.

We love our honey and ginger tea in the winter. Well... that might be nice but will not make much for your cough. Squeese a lemon in hot water. For colour put the peel in and watch it turning gorgeous yellow! The lemon will turn the water more acidic and help kill those nasty bugs.

And the honey? not in the water... down your throat, it goes, to sudden those vocal cords. Have spoons of it! it's yummy!

4. No menthol or eucalyptus

These help open the airways.They are colling oils, lotions and potions. Imagine breathing more cold air! better just jump in an icy bath!... remember warm, warm, warm!

5. Nostril breathing

Clear your nostrils with strong breathing. Make sure you have a tissue around. it can get messy!


6. Neti your nose

Neti is one of yogas techniques to clear your nasal passages.

Warm water and a spoon of salt. Put your head on the side and there it goes! Make sure you don't forget the salt or else it will sting your nose! Again the salt disinfects the nasal passage and throat.

7. Mauna

Rest your voice. Mauna means the practice of silence!

Remember you don't have to be talking all the time! Give it a break, especially if you don't have much voice left!

Even More?

8. Other Saucha (cleanliness) techniques from yoga

well... yoga tells us that you can drink salted water and through it out to clear it all, including your stomach!,

And even that you can get gauze down your throat... just like a magician does with colourful clothes! I haven't tried this one myself so better you not try it too! No, not a balloon... no! put down that sword!

Namaste yogi1's and fast recovery


Ps. because of the coronavirus, please stay a home a few days if you are not feeling well.

Remember that we have disinfctant hand foam at the studio entrance and we offer paper tissues. take a few with you and then bin them at the end.

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