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Choose the right Yoga for you.

These last few days have been very disappointing for yoga. From all sides seems the media is bashing on yoga.

the Telegraphe saying that yoga has become too competitive:

The BBC saying that we teachers run the risk of hip injury:

What are we/you doing?!

They are completely right. Everyone is paying attention to social media and trying to immitate contortionists and for what?!

Teachers come and force you into postures your body is not ready, and for what?!


Yoga is not about being competitive. Let the runners hurt themselves.

Yoga is about nurturing our body, ackowlege our emotions and elevate our brain capabilities.

Is totally non-competitive though totally experiemental! Should be enjoyable, should be done everyday - if not the physical practice, other modalities like focus, breathing and, for sure, always live the yamas and miyamas (in a modern way).

With yoga you should get stronger body, mind and spirit (personality for us affected westeners).

Yoga is not floppy like yin neither agressive like Ashtanga.

They are beautiful practices which shouldn't be practiced by newbies but by advanced practitioners who know about their body, limitations and the risk of flopping in a posture or overstretching.

You should start with (and return to) your Yoga Kriya Class.

Build on your strength, balance, and coordination, as well as, on your confidence, concentration, hapinness (contentment), sense of current fulfilment (not negative competitiveness) and general welbeing.

Preserve your energy and your body for prosperity. Don't break it apart by thinking that you have to do your personal best everyday. You are just feeding empty ambition and certain disappointment.

You body will allow you to do wonderful things at the right time. And if it doesn't, who cares?! Yoga is about poreparing you for life - and death.

Everything will come with time, being this a posture, a dream, nothing at all if you don't require it. The more you want and demand the more you have to cope with.

Join us today for a more wholistic approach to yoga, from gurus who are master of yoga and doctors as profession. Choose the right yoga for you. Enjoy life.

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