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Sun, 15 Jan


Hybrid Learning: Farnborough & Online

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Join our Yoga Teacher Training and become a versatile and insightful yoga teacher. At £2500, we are the most competitive, in-depth and with progressive Yoga Teacher Training around. We will be with you all the way.

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Time & Location

15 Jan 2023, 09:30

Hybrid Learning: Farnborough & Online, 40-50 - Meads Shopping Centre, Farnborough GU14 7SR, UK

About The Event

Limited to 12 places

This course has 10 Modules - including our Assessment day - and includes various sets of Hatha Yoga from beginners to advanced levels for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We will introduce you to the History and Philosophy of Yoga and its practices, all of which you can use to guide your students in your Yoga Classes.


You will have two sequences ready to teach by the end of the course. And a toolbox of many other practices you can assemble according to your students' needs and talents. You will understand and be able to discuss the many concepts with your audience. You should be confident and proactive in your teaching.

You will be a versatile and insightful yoga teacher

Is this course for you?

Suppose you are looking to teach classical or authentic hatha Yoga and learn the philosophy, ideas and principles behind yogic practices and philosophy, then yes. In that case, this yoga teacher training course is for you.

What is my investment?

Prices start at £2500, which you can pay up-front or in monthly instalments.

How will the course be delivered?

This is a ten-month hybrid Course. You will be doing the theory online - meeting every Thursday for a couple of hours via zoom. Our Practical will be done face-to-face one Sunday a month - Hatha Yoga Class, Pranayama & Relaxation Techniques, Asana Lab, Teaching skills [including applied Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) and Business Skills (BS)].

Typical Schedule 

Monthly Face-to-face Meeting


09:30 am - Welcome/Discussions on your month's study findings and submitted homework

10:00 am - Hatha Yoga Class - an entire class led by your teacher

11:00 am - Asana Lab - breaking down and in-depth study of sequences and postures 12:30 pm - Lunch break


01:30 pm - Pranayama & Relaxation (Yoga Nidra): lead class and student practice

02:00 pm - Teaching Skills - student teaching time; including the application of A&P & BS

04:30 pm - Revision, discussions, next steps & Closure.

05:00 pm - Yoga1 Class - optional attendance.

Weekly Online Session (1 to 2 hours long)

1st Thursday - Satsanga (Theory I)

2nd Thursday - Satsanga (Theory II)

3rd Thursday - Anatomy & Physiology (A&P)

4th Thursday - Business Sills (BS)


Course Outline 

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Jan, 22th

  • Asana: Seated Jattis; Seated Kriyas, Seated Postures & Seated Twists
  • Pranayama: Sukha Purvaka Pranayama
  • Relaxation Technique: Marmanasthanam Kriya

Weekly Sessions

  • Jan, 26th: BS: Working as a Yoga teacher | A&P: Skeletal System and Yoga
  • Feb, 2nd: Theory I: Introduction and meaning of Yoga in various contexts
  • Feb, 9th: Theory II: History and Development of Yoga;  Guru-Shishya Relationship

Module 2. Hatha Yoga for Breathing- Hathenas to improve sectional breathing, enhance prana and energy quality, and mind-emotion cleanse.

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Feb, 19th

  • Asana: Hathenas Sequence; Chatus-pada & Danda Kriyas, Vajra-veera
  • Pranayama: Vibhaga Pranayama;
  • Relaxation Technique: Kaya Kriya

Weekly Sessions

  • Feb, 23rd: Theory I: The importance of Sanskrit in Yoga;  Key Yoga Scriptures
  • Mar, 2nd: Theory II: The many paths of Yoga
  • Mar, 9th: BS: Why one should study Yoga? - Your promotional skills | A&P: Muscles and Yoga

Module 3. Hatha Yoga for flexibility, strength, and vitality I. Presenting you the diverse techniques which will make up your Yoga classes

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Mar, 19th

  • Asana: Standing Jattis, Standing Kriyas, Standing Postures I, Aruna Suriya Namaskar
  • Pranayama: Pranava Pranayama & Mudras;
  • Relaxation Technique: Shakti Jnana Kriya

Weekly Sessions

  • Mar, 23rd: Theory I: Pancha Prana, Naris (Nadis) and Kundalini
  • Mar, 30th: Theory II: Obstacles in Sadhana and tolls to deal with them;
  • Apr, 6th: BS: Social Media - getting out there | A&P: Movement and Yoga

Module 4. Hatha Yoga for flexibility, strength, and vitality II. Presenting you the diverse techniques which will make up your Yoga classes

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Apr, 16th

  • Asana: Standing Postures II, Vedic Suriya Namaskar I & II, Warrior & Triangle Family,  Kshatriya & other Warrior Kriyas,
  • Pranayama: Savitri Pranayama;
  • Relaxation Technique: Jnana Suriya Kriya

Weekly Sessions

  • Apr, 20th: Theory I: Raja yoga or Ashtanga
  • Apr, 27th: Theory II: Key concepts of Hatha Yoga;
  • May, 4th: BS: Live streaming & Rich content: recording & editing | A&P: Other key body systems of Yoga

Module 5. Hatha Yoga for flexibility, strength, and vitality III. Presenting you the diverse techniques which will make up your Yoga classes

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - May, 21st

  • Asana: Rishikesha Suriya Namaskar; Pigeon Family, Arm balances & Inversions,
  • Pranayama: Bhastrikas;
  • Relaxation Technique: Tantric Visualisation Practices

Weekly Sessions

  • May, 25th: Theory I: Pancha Yamas & Niyamas
  • Jun, 1st: Theory II:  Asana;
  • Jun 8th: BS: Insurance, Health & Safety and related to your teaching; Contra-indications, key issues | A&P: Respiration & Hatha Yoga

Module 6. Hatha Yoga for Balance, vitality and Harmony - Hatha Yoga series to balance right-left, loma-viloma, sun-moon energies to balance and improve immunity.

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Jun, 18th

  • Asana: Supine Jattis, Loma-viloma Sequence, prone Kriyas, shavasana family
  • Pranayama: Suriya & Chandra Nari Pranayama;
  • Relaxation Technique: Loma-viloma Kriya

Weekly Sessions

  • Jun, 22nd: Theory I: Pancha Yamas
  • Jun, 29th: Theory II: Pranayama
  • Jul, 6th: BS: Sequencing a class - What's around? | A&P: Backbone, spine and Yoga

Module 7. Teaching Skills or understanding lesson planning.

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Jul, 16th

  • Asana: Sequencing a class; Teaching Skills
  • Pranayama: Teaching Skills;
  • Relaxation Technique: Teaching skills

Weekly Sessions

  • Jul, 20th: Theory I: Pancha Niyamas
  • Jul, 27th: Theory II: Pratyahara, meaning and importance
  • Aug, 3rd: BS: Sequencing a Yoga Kriya Class

Module 8. Teaching Skills or understanding lesson planning.

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Aug, 20th

  • Asana: Revision of all Postures & Sequences: Adjustments, variations, modifications & props
  • Teaching Skills: Yoga Kriya Sequence

Weekly Sessions

  • Aug, 24th: Theory I: Karma and evolution
  • Aug, 31st: Theory II: Dharana, or concentration, and Dyana, or meditation
  • Sep, 7th: BS: Sequencing a Yoga Asana Class

Module 9. Teaching Skills or understanding lesson planning.

Sunday Practical Hatha Yoga - Sep, 17th

  • Asana: Revision of all Postures: Adjustments, variations, modifications & props
  • Teaching Skills: Mock-up Classes

Module 10. Assessment.- Oct, 21st & 22nd

students led sessions & Graduation

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