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LoveYour.Space, Farnborough: Updates plus

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forgive me to add you to this group but I want to talk to you who come regularly to my classes.

I'm having to change my schedule (which is also in line with future plans for when I open the studio).

I'm working on my counselling internship on Tuesdays. So I propose:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm

Saturday as it is at 9:15 am

What do you think? Not that I can really negotiate, except if we have no space.

If Jetts has no availability, then I'll get a teacher to do Tuesday class until I open the studio (in May or so).

Thank you 😁

Stacy Oliver

An update

Things will stay as they are. It would clash with other classes.

I’ll get covers for Tuesdays.

Stacy, get ready! 😁



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