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Yoga for all Ages, Stages & Ability

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What do we teach?
Yoga class at Yoga1

Progressive Classes

Yoga Asana (Posture)

Level I/II

In this class, we will put you through your favourite postures. You already require enough strength to hold your postures and enjoy this amazing class. Get ready to go upsidedown! Finishing in asana (seat) ready for meditation!


Location:  Jetts Fitness, Farnborough

Tuesday: 5:00 PM

Thursday: 6:15 PM

Saturday: 9:15 AM 

Yoga Virya (Vigorous)

Level II/III

(We will have it soon again!)

A vinyasa style class with advanced postures and more complex sequences. ​Fun, fun, fun; Focus, focus, focus!

(We will have it soon again!)

Yoga Fit (NEW)

Level I

Your favourite sequences and postures with nice modern western music. Feel the beat, feel the yoga and get fit!

Location:  Jetts Fitness, Farnborough

Tuesday: 7:30 PM

Thursday: 7:30 PM

Yoga Callisthenics

Level II/III

(We will have it soon again!)

Not for the faint-hearted! This is the ultimate test! You need stamina, strength, flexibility, faith and a big smile! Do you accept the challenge?

500 Hours Advanced in Yoga, Teacher Training | Jan 2024
500 Hours Advanced in Yoga, Teacher Training | Jan 2024
13 Jan 2024, 09:00 GMT
Online & Wales Intensive
Join us for our teacher training. Become an Insightful and Versatile Yoga Teacher Reply to share your interest. We will contact you for a chat! Check all information (link provided below on the description).
200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT)
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