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Teaching at Yoga1
Cover List
New Teachers Rotational Class Scheme

Thank you for your interest in Yoga1.

We aim at being an integrative studio and help established and new teachers to make it in the world of yoga.


We would like to know more about you and your proposals (teaching, covers, workshops, events, others).


We invite you to reply to a few questions. We will contact you in a couple of days following your proposal. 

If you are a new techer, please check our Rotational Class Scheme.

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Rotational​ Class Scheme

We all love yoga and we all want to pass all the goodness of yoga to others.

It is our aim to help young yoga teachers to develop their teaching skills and potential. 

We are bringing a rotational class to our studio. 

This will allow juniour teachers a bit more time to practice while facing a real studio class situation. 

This programs will also complement our Yoga Teacher Training. Our students will always have priority to teach at our premisis. We aim at maintaining the quality of the teaching and the tradition in our studio. 

Please have in mind that we get a lots of requests and we cannot attend to them all. Also. have in mind that we don't offer or guarantee a permanent classes. You will have to prove your merite. You should have a wholistic and more traditional understanding and practice of yoga. ​​

Please take the following




email us

all relevant documentation, certificates, etc

Terms and Conditions

We will not accept teachers who are not qualified and insured

If you play music in the classes you will be have to be fully licenced to play music (like all other teachers in the studio).

We will ask you a few questions about yoga and we will only accept people who know what yoga - its teachings, roots. values and traditions - is about.

If you only learned to strech and you think yoga is only that - even if you are the most amazing contortionist teacher -  we are sorry that you got a course which is not suitable to our studio and our yoga values.


We be very happy to have you teaching at our studio when you do a proper yoga course

If you want to teach hot yoga, there we don't have the facilities, neither the interest as we find it dangerous for the health and welbeing of the person.


If you do bodybalance (TM), then you willhave to be fully licenced. If you took a 60 hours teacher training in something, then come back when you have at least 200, minimum. We recommend a 300 or 500 hours.

If you teach pilates, we allow you to rent the space, though yoga always have the priority. 

You will live the yogi values of respect and enlightenment. If you are found to be complaining, winging about the teachers or the studio, or having dangerous or distructive behaviour we will stop all engagement with you. 

We don't guarantee a place to teach at our studio. We are looking for people who become part of the family, someone who know the value of Karma Yoga

You will sign a document saying that you have read, discussed and undertstood what the terms and conditions are - the studio, teaching, payment.

Cover List

We are buidling our cover list. If you have interest please contact us. 

We wou;d like a person who is versatile and can take the styles we teach here. 

You should be ready to cover for:

- Yoga Sthira (Calm)

- Yoga Kriya (Movement)

- Yoga Asana (Held Poses)

- Yoga Virya (Power)

We don't hold branded classes except the ones who come from a traditional lineage like Patabi Jois ashtanga. 

That said we can find similarities in branded yoga classes and Hatha Yoga. 

- Yoga Sthira (Calm)

Paul Grilleys' Yin Yoga

Iyengar inspired Restorative Yoga

- Yoga Kriya (Movement)

- Yoga Asana (Held Poses)

John Friend's Anusara Yoga


Sharaon Gannon and David Life Jivamukti Yoga

- Yoga Virya (Power)

Pattabhi Jois - Ashtanga

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